ESMBA and Coroavirus

Message from ESMBA:

3rd March 2020
ESMBA and Coronavirus – Please read and be aware of your responsibilities.
The ESMBA is about to enter into its busiest time of the season, with multiple events where members throughout
the Country will travel and meet for the game of bowls.
This period of time is when the Country and the World are facing probably the Virus of a generation. COVID-19
(Coronavirus) is affecting many people throughout the World. It will no doubt at some stage touch someone we
know or within the Bowls family.
The ESMBA has a duty of care to its members and we take this very seriously. We therefore will be supporting and
following the guidelines as laid out by Public Health England. These will obviously be changing as the national
situation changes and we will monitor these closely.
At present advice is to take basic hygiene measures, individuals should be washing their hands for at least 20
seconds with warm water and soap on a regular basis. To cough and sneeze into a tissue and dispose of it, if a tissue
is not available, the crook of your arm should be used. Many people also feel safer wearing face masks and avoiding
personal contact (like shaking hands), so please at this time don’t be offended by this. Individuals are only trying to
protect themselves and others from the spread of the virus but to continue with a normal daily life
If you have been in contact with someone that is suspected of having the virus or have travelled from one of the
listed affected areas in the last 14 days, then you should be self-isolating for a period of 14 days. Please see the
following link for areas affected
The ESMBA must insist that for the protection and precaution of all its members that the Public Health England
guidelines are followed. If anyone has been in contact with or travelled back to the UK in the last 14 days please
email so we can make the necessary arrangements for replacements.
There will be no repercussions for anyone withdrawing from events due to COVID-19, but individuals that knowingly
break Public Health England Guidelines and risk others safety may face disciplinary action.
The ESMBA Management Committee appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
Barry Hedges
on behalf of ESMBA Management Committee