ESMBA Covid Awareness Guidance Checklist

Club Name and Venue Post code:  
County : 
Best practice for a safe return is for you to considered the following points ACTION TAKEN By Whom 
Does your Venue have an up to date covid Risk assessment.   Please make a note of any changes on the Venue check list.  
What is the venue requirement should your club or another hall user identify a covid outbreak?  
Where are Covid Posters on display?  
Who is responsible at your club for keeping up to date with any Government or ESMBA requirements?  
Where will you position sanitiser dispensers and anti bac spray for club use?  
How will you ensure members are mindful of cross contamination when laying out/ touching/replacing/resetting shared equipment?  
How will you ensure good ventilation in the playing hall?  
How will you manage and record attendence at your venue?  
How are you planning to manage payments?  
How have you ensured all the contact details etc you hold for your returning members is current and correct?   
How have your members  been notified of their Duty of Care to others?  
How will you ensure all members respect an individuals right to choose how they feel safest?  
How will you manage ‘refreshments’ ?  
To be undertaken on behalf of the club/county by