ESMBA Relaxation of SBS 19th July 2021

As Safe bowls Clubs, you have already proven yourselves to have robust systems in place and in many cases have already been working to these to affect a safe return to bowling for your members. On the 19th July the Government are removing covid legal requirements, they are however continuing to recommended best practice and this will allow your club to relax some of its protocols should you wish. Below is a list of minimum requirements which the ESMBA consider important for you to maintain, and in doing so it is hoped you will continue the excellent safety record of Safe bowls Clubs. 19th July Minimum standards – You must continue to comply with your Venue’s current covid protocols. – You ensure members socially distance when using the toilets and changing rooms – You ensure members wash their hands regularly and use the sanitisers position at the end of the mat – All members respect each other’s personal space and avoid physical contact. – Collection of Subs remains as agreed in the approved risk assessment – Ensure early arrival of the set-up team and that they maintain a safe working distance. – Continue to sanitise all equipment, especially between sessions – Club bowls are allowed and are to be used by one person only per session and sanitised before and after use. – Personal bowls /equipment is not to be left at the venue. – Maintain accurate attendance records – it is preferred to continue with the prebooking. – Spectators are permitted. Please ensure their attendance is recorded and they can be suitably accommodated. – Duty of Care – Members must continue to abide by the basic principles ie do not attend if you feel unwell and inform the club if you are taken ill any time after attending. – competitions can now take place – All disciplines can now take place. – but care should still be taken to ensure players person space. – Mats are to be positioned to allow for personal space. – Continue to minimize who touches any shared equipment whilst playing – this includes scoreboards which are now permitted. – Measuring is permitted by 1 nominated person using their own equipment. – Stick chalk can be used to mark the position of any bowl/jack which comes to rest in the ditch – but spray chalk is preferred at all other times.